1095-1989 (R IEEE Guide for Installation of Vertical

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If the two shafts were assembled in a factory, they should be assembled a t the installation in t h e same relative angular position a s indicated by the factory-placed matchmarks. 8 Checking Air Gap. The variations in the air gaps should be in accordance with the tolerances specified by t h e generator manufacturer. If the average air gap varies appreciably from that shown on the assembly drawing, t h e manufacturer should be consulted. In measuring the air gap, care should be taken to measure from iron to iron a t the tangential center of the pole face.

4 Check of Shaft Runout. When applicable, checking the runout of the face of the thrust31 BEE Std1095-1989 IEEE GUIDE FOR INSTALLATION OF VERTICAL GENERATORS AND If, a t a later time, i t becomes necessary t o remove a balance weight, it should be replaced in exactly the same position. Before disassembling a pole on a high-speed machine, its axial position should be accurately marked so it can be replaced in the same position. Should i t become necessary to replace a field coil or a complete pole, the balance must be rechecked.

3) The armature winding can also be dried out by passing direct current through it with the machine stationary. A high-current, low-voltage source of dc power, such as a welding generator, is required. Where possible, the phases of the winding should all be connected in series or in parallel, so t h a t all phases will carry the same current. Where the phase currents are unbalanced, the maximum current in any phase should be limited t o t h a t which will give the heating rate specified in item 1.

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