50 Ways the World Is Going to End: The Biggest Threats to by Alok Jha

By Alok Jha

Dying by way of Euphoria. Dysgenics. inhabitants loss of life Spiral. Genetic Superhumans. Geomagnetic Reversal. Galactic Collision. Strangelets. even if we love it or now not, everything's going to come back to a fine looking disagreeable halt on our planet sooner or later sooner or later. What we do not understand is what shape our extinction is probably going to take. during this available and pleasing ebook, acclaimed author Alok Jha explains the head-spinning apocalyptic technological know-how at the back of 50 frightening doomsday eventualities.

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X Stands for Unknown

“If all questions have been responded, all riddles solved, each fold opened up, each wrinkle within the textile of the Universe smoothed—the maximum and noblest video game within the Universe will be ended, and there will be not anything left for the brain to do yet console itself with minutiae. insufferable! might X constantly BE WITH US TO have the funds for US excitement!

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According to the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), a non-partisan American think tank, the Bush administration was convinced back in 2002 that al-Qaeda had radioactive materials, such as strontium-90 and caesium-137, with which they could build bombs. “In January 2003, British officials found documents in the Afghan city of Herat indicating that al-Qaeda had successfully built a small dirty bomb. In late December 2003, homeland security officials worried that al-Qaeda would detonate a dirty bomb during New Year’s Eve celebrations or college football bowl games, according to The Washington Post,” the CFR said on its website.

The external form of the disease causes sores, but the pneumonic form can kill 90 percent of those it infects if left untreated. Victims develop the pneumonic form by breathing in fewer than 10,000 spores of anthrax between one and five micrometers in size. These spores pass through the lining of the lungs and travel to the lymph nodes, releasing poisonous chemicals as they go. Symptoms include vomiting and fever, and if antibiotics are not available, untreated patients will die of hemorrhage, respiratory failure or toxic shock within a few days.

Analysis of blood from hunters and hunted has already revealed several animal viruses not previously seen in humans, including one called the simian foamy virus, which is in the same family as HIV. Influenza was the 20th century’s weapon of mass destruction, killing more than the Nazis, more than the atomic bomb, and more than the First World War. None of this, by the way, takes into account synthetic viruses created by people hell-bent on terror. Genetically modified organisms bred to be virulent and also resistant to drugs might be difficult to make and disseminate today, but that will not always be the case.

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