A Gathering of Spoons: The Design Gallery of the World's by Norman D. Stevens

By Norman D. Stevens

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And long screws could be substituted for the dowels, too. I decided to paint the bench a bright blue color so that it would stand out and lend a funky touch to the garden that it would complement. Varying the finish would change the feel of the piece quite a bit, so I suggest staining it or painting it in whatever way best enhances your landscape. Schedule of Materials: Garden Bench Ltr. No. Item Stock Inches T (MM) T Inches W (MM) W Inches L (MM) L Comments A 2 back legs 2×4 11⁄2 (38) 31⁄2 (89) 34 (864) cut to shape B 2 front legs 2×2 11⁄2 (38) 11⁄2 (38) 24 (610) C 2 bottom side stretchers 2×2 11⁄2 (38) 11⁄2 (38) 161⁄2 (419) D 3 seat side stretchers 2×4 11⁄2 (38) 31⁄2 (89) 161⁄2 (419) cut to shape E 6 rear legs 1×4 3⁄4 (19) 25⁄8 (67) 54 (1372) F 2 back support rails 1×3 3⁄4 (19) 31⁄2 (89) 22 (559) G 2 arms 2x4 11⁄2 (38) 31⁄2 (89) 50 (1270) H 2 arm braces 2x4 11⁄2 (38) 31⁄2 (89) 50 (1270) J 5 back slats 1×6 3⁄4 (19) 51⁄2 (140) 24 (610) trim to fit Step One I find that the easiest way to begin a project like this is by building the sides first.

As shown on the drawing, the legs taper from 1 1⁄2″ at the top to 2 1⁄4″ at the bottom. Make a template of the fair curve, just as you did with the slats. Attach the template to the leg blanks with double-stick tape before machining them on the band saw. Because they are 1 1⁄2″ thick, instead of using a pattern bit on the router I used my oscillating spindle sander to bring them to final dimension. Ease the edges with a 3⁄16″ roundover bit. As with the slats, consider the grain orientation in this operation.

Marking Multiples. A template ensures that both frames match, and it speeds the process if you are making several chairs. Use these full-size templates to mark out the frames on your stock, nesting them if possible, and taking advantage of any natural curvature or “sweep” in the grain. If the stock is not wide enough, glue up two or more pieces until you have the width needed. Adding to the Curve. To maintain straight grain at the intersection, you may have to add width to your frame stock. One of the clever features of this design is that the grain lines are almost straight at the point where the frames cross and the maximum bending stress occurs.

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