A History of the U.S. Political System 3 volumes : Ideas, by Richard A. Harris, Daniel J. Tichenor

By Richard A. Harris, Daniel J. Tichenor

This reference source combines specific old research, scholarly essays, and first resource records to discover the evolution of principles and associations that experience formed American govt and american citizens' political behavior.

• Over 50 members, together with a mixture of individual and state-of-the-art political scientists and historians

• approximately two hundred fundamental assets, together with Federalist and Anti-Federalist writings, presidential speeches, and landmark preferrred court docket cases

• vintage engravings and political cartoons aligned with key sessions in American political development

• Tables of presidents and congressional management and maps displaying electoral votes over time

• identify and topic indexes for every volume

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In contrast, the federal government under the Constitution would be a government of enumerated powers, which is to say that the federal government can act only in areas where it has been explicitly authorized to act by the Constitution. According to the Federalists, then, there is no need for a Bill of Rights stating that Congress cannot, for example, prohibit the free exercise of religion, because nowhere in the Constitution is Congress authorized to regulate religion in the first place. To take another example, because regulation of the press is not one of Congress’s enumerated powers, there is no need to state in a Bill of Rights that Congress may not abridge the freedom of the press.

All people, especially political people, are pragmatic to a degree, weighing costs against benefits. Only the most committed ideologues refuse to bend. Pragmatism is a rigorous and sophisticated philosophy, one that privileges a process of inquiry in which beliefs are corrected in light of experience. It requires a degree of detachment and control that is not feasible in democratic politics. Instead, the New Deal represented a goal-oriented approach that was remarkably flexible (some say too flexible) about the methods used to pursue them, highly sympathetic to pragmatism but ultimately something different.

The Anti-Federalists feared that the citizens shaped by the Constitution would be focused excessively on commerce and the pursuit of luxuries. Under the Constitution, the federal government would now have the power to regulate interstate commerce. Most AntiFederalists actually agreed that this was one new power that Congress should be granted; at the same time, AntiFederalists feared that the new government would foster the desire to enrich oneself, at the expense of the desire to serve the public good.

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