A reading of Hegel's Phenomenology of spirit by Quentin Lauer

By Quentin Lauer

The 1st version of this identify was once a lot acclaimed because the best interpretation and exposition of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit." This revision, in accordance with carrying on with examine, retains this ebook within the leading edge of Hegelian scholarship. the writer has made additions and corrections to his studying of this, Hegel's most vital paintings, and he offers a good interpretation of Hegel's language, in all of its complexity. To students it's going to stay an essential research and scholars new to Hegelian philosophy will locate it approachable and transparent.

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Hinchman has shown a connection between Hegel's views of the Enlightenment (French, English, German) in the Phenomenology and in his later political philosophy. Donald Phillip Verene's Hegel's Recollection: A Study of Images in the Phenomenology of Spirit (1985) can help toward a grasp of the kind of writing characteristic of the Phenomenology. 6 Similarly, with a view to avoiding confusion over the issues with which Hegel is concerned, little effort has been made to compare his endeavor with those of our contemporaries.

21 Nothing could be more erroneous than to conceive of Hegel's philosophy as an "idealism" for which there is no "reality" outside consciousness,22 unless it be, perhaps, the error of thinking that for Hegel reality somehow "impresses" itselfpresumably in the mode of causal efficacy23on consciousness. " If, however, one sees reality as a primordial unity ("substance") which is only implicitly (an sich) articulated and differentiated, whose articulation in conception is at the same time its self-articulation (für sich), ultimately resulting in a subsequent unity of 21 Cf.

Spirit is what nature is to become. " Page 5 except to the extent that he repudiated the Cartesian version of it. The distinction of "spiritual" from "natural" functions does not bespeak separate sources of these functions; fundamentally it is a distinction between the essential repetitiveness and predictability of the natural and the essential creativity and novelty of the spiritual. Both are "rational," but not in the same way. It should be made clear that none of this constitutes a shift in focus on the part of Hegel.

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