A Remeasurement of the Radiation Constant, h, by Means of by Duane W., Palmer H. H.

By Duane W., Palmer H. H.

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The concepts cannot even be monopolised by patents, only the useful device is patentable not the idea. To simplify things still more there are several processes that help generate ideas by using the mind’s unique pattern making abilities. Make and Move Remember innovations are just make and move machines. You need only explain the concepts used to make its useful outcome and move it. Whether innovation is in transport, television pictures, or take over bids, realisation will involve just two stages - make and move.

Mathematics is an analogy system, it abstracts of relations using symbolic forms. Our objective is to make innovation reproducible at will by use of analogy systems. As yet there are no mathematical formulas that can generate finished innovations because of the lack of a scientific basis for understanding but they certainly can help generate and select options. Examples include Darwinistic “survival of the fittest” algorithms and optimisation techniques like game theory. We can use mathematical techniques to focus in on the best analogy areas by identifying the remaining ideaspace that a product, concept, or idea has.

MODELS OF DIFFUSION There are several theories that purport to explain the mechanics of diffusion: 1) The two-step hypothesis - information and acceptance flows, via the media, first to opinion leaders, then to the general population 2) The trickle-down theory - products tend to be expensive at first, and therefore only accessible to the wealthy social strata - in time they become less expense and are diffused to lower and lower strata 3) The Everett Rogers Diffusion of innovations theory - for any given product category, there are five categories of product adopters: innovators venturesome, educated, multiple info sources early adopters social leaders, popular, educated early majority deliberate, many informal social contacts late majority sceptical, traditional, lower socio-economic status laggards neighbours and friends are main info sources, fear of debt 4) Crossing the Chasm model developed by G.

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