A Treasury of Science by Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright

By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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X Stands for Unknown

“If all questions have been spoke back, all riddles solved, each fold opened up, each wrinkle within the textile of the Universe smoothed—the maximum and noblest video game within the Universe will be ended, and there will be not anything left for the brain to do yet console itself with trivialities. insufferable! may well X consistently BE WITH US TO manage to pay for US excitement!

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Hence you have the scientific that which I hypothesis; and with which its value will be proportionate to the care and completeness basis has been tested and verified. It is in these matters as in its commonest affairs of practical life: the guess of the fool will be folly, while the guess of the wise man will contain wisdom. In all cases, you see that the value of the result depends on the patience and faithfulness with the which the investigator applies verification. . to his hypothesis every possible kind of .

The transition must come the brain is One day free to I through u- and, thought I with a sudden lift of excitement, there may be a breathing associated with u- and that may make the whole thing possible. As I paid the conductor I thought that the evidence I needed might Totonac and Tarascan, non-Mayan languages with which I was The possibilities were so tremendous that my heart pounded and I was so preoccupied that I nearly went to sit in the Jim Crow section. Speculation was useless until I could reach the University and dig out the books, so after a while I calmed myself and settled to my morning ration of Popeye, who was then a new discovery too.

You can trust his work. He's the fellow you want to have analyze the material you turn up an interesting bunch of skulls. All told, including use his findings, some fifty scientists praise him; before them he has achieved international reputation. He will receive hon- men if in allied fields who even remotely possible that he might get a raise in salary. McGarnigle disinters himself from a sort of fortress made of boxes ors. It is full Podunk University's Hall of Science, and into of the to attend a Congress.

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