Advanced Routing (Art of Woodworking) by Ted Fuller

By Ted Fuller

The artwork of Woodworking - complicated Routing

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633 INDEX Impossible area, 9 Impossible dovetai! joint, 46 Balls, caged, 51 Band-sawed sphere, 9 Jackstraws, 87 Band-sawed squaXe prism, 11 Jewel box, hidden-key-and-lock, 68 Band-sawed problems, 9, 11 ’Jewel box with secret lock, oriental 56 Bank, savings, 23 Jewel boxes, 12, 57, 63 Bank, coin, 55 Joint, double-leek dovetail, 47 Bevel-square problems, 8, 29, 42/44, 47, 49 Joint, impossible dovetail, 46 Bewitching cubes, 13 Joint, two-way fanned half lap, 49 Boring problems, 16, 1’/, 18 Knife problems, 16, 29, 87, 50.

Iqo dimensions are given on the drawings; the box may be made any size desired. A and B are the two movable slides which unlock the drawer D. k is first slid from the position it occupies in Figure 82 to that it occupies in Figure 83. After A is slid out of the way, B is slid back. B, with its parts E and F, Fi~o~re 84, is the real releasing part. The drawer is locked SECRET LOCK-~TOOL BOX The tool box shown in Figure 85 is of a size convenient to hold the tools of most mechanics, whether boys or men, and has the mysterious virtue of stubbornly refusing to open except to the owner or his trusted pals.

The box looks best with the "books" and the base made of wood of different colors. Step 1 shows the first step in unlocking the box, which is to open up the key chamber. A and B are slid to the left so as to release C, which is the real door to the key chamber. Step 2 shows C slid back, revealing the hiding place of the key. Study Sections y~r and ZZ. Now that the key is secured, the place to use it must be uncovered. Step 3 shows that B and C are slid back into place but A is left. This makes a way for D to be slid down and uncover the keyhole.

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