Amazon Adventure (Barclay Family Adventure Ser) by Ed Hanson

By Ed Hanson

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Aaron spoke up. ” Paul shook his head and smiled. “I don’t know, son. Unfortunately, I think she will,” he said. True to his word, Ben landed the helicopter in Boa Vista just an hour and 10 minutes later. 61 AMAZON ADVENTURE As they got out of the helicopter, Ann Barclay ran up to her family and hugged them. Tears were streaming down her cheeks—but they were tears of happiness at finding her family safe. Pam was eager to tell her mother all about their adventure in the jungle. But Ann stopped her.

A helicopter from the dam is on its way. ” “Thanks a lot for your help,” Paul answered. ” 58 A Deserted Village • 10 Paul and his family sat down on a bench to await the helicopter. As they waited to be rescued, Paul looked at his children’s faces. ” he asked. Jim was the first to answer. “Well, Dad, I’ve learned something important. ” Aaron was next. “Yeah, me, too. ” Pam said. ” Paul laughed. ” “Maybe, Dad—if you say so. ” 59 CHAPTER 11 Safe at Last The helicopter hovered overhead before the pilot could find a place to set down.

We’re okay—but hungry! ” “I understand, señor,” the man on the radio said. “And, yes, you’re right. The villagers came here to safety when the army ants attacked. They’ll return by riverboat tomorrow morning. ” “We climbed up into an ironwood tree,” Paul answered. ” “One more thing,” Paul said. “Can you get word to my construction crew at the dam? ” “Yes, Señor. I will call you back,” the man said. 57 AMAZON ADVENTURE Paul put down the radio transmitter and breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, kids, it looks like the worst of this trip is over,” he said.

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