Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection by Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

Angel Tech is a consultant for the conclusion of the Multidimensional Self. the nice neurological scripts of the earlier are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra method and extra are all made obtainable and comprehensible.

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I was once back hooked correct then and there . . . Donovan then
proceeds to provide sound, functional suggestion, weaving in his
own own heritage . . . while he indicates something,
you believe love it should be best for you; for instance:

* Write down all the pieces on your lifestyles you're thankful for and whilst
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I additionally beloved how he similar issues that others do (both car
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Lastly, Donovan's use of insightful questions received me pondering how
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* Why, for example, do humans age in a different way? What retains a few humans
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I set up research topics to learn more about where I really stood with different aspects of my existence. The maps in ANGEL TECH provided a format. My work was to evolve through each grade and graduate in the manner best suited to my personal style. I suppose that's what "enlightenment" means to me. Funny thing, enlightenment.. there's really noplace to go because no matter where you go, here you are! (laughing) Seriously though, the biggest way my life has changed is that I'm no longer concerned with being just one type of person.

One way of initiating Body-Mind rapport (Physical & Conceptual Intelligence) is keeping ones word. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Follow through with your actions. Your body is a lie-detector. If a promise is broken the body feels betrayal. This emotion can be projected outwardly and dramatized in relationships. Such a seemingly small negligence can lead to self deception. The credo of keeping word is especially potent where physical rewards are concerned. If you promise yourself physical assurance and do not follow through body/self-esteem diminishes.

KM: You're such a literalist, Chip. Not everybody is going to understand or even want to understand what I'm saying. Those that want to, will. The awakening robots will take to it right away, I think. Those individuals are already changing themselves. This book simply presents a guideline to accelerate the transformation. It teaches the value of "quick decay" rather than "slow death" if you catch my gist. Besides, I'm more of a quick change artist anyway and I hate unnecessary suffering. I just don't have time to stay miserable or hang out with martyrs.

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