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If the project includes multiple soundtracks, a lot of slides or subtitles, and some DVD-ROM content, you may decide it is best to use a DVD-9 disc size so that everything you want to include will fit on the disc. Another point to keep in mind is that video assets are not required to use the same bit rate. For some assets, you may decide that quality is not as important as it is for others, and choose to use a lower bit rate for them, allowing more disc space for the other video assets. Book Page 42 Thursday, July 17, 2003 2:34 PM Choosing a bit rate that provides satisfactory results depends on the video content and the encoder you use.

You’ll find that storyboarding can give you the overarching view of your project needed to plan fairly complex interactivity. Book Page 37 Thursday, July 17, 2003 2:34 PM Design the Menus and Buttons DVD Studio Pro provides tools that make it easy to create menus without relying heavily on outside graphics applications. For simple titles whose main focus is to provide information, you may be able to rely on the basic button-and-text capability of DVD Studio Pro to create your menus. For custom titles, you’ll need to create your own graphics.

These overlays are not processed in the same way as the video, so you must create a separate overlay for each display mode (16:9, 4:3 letterbox, and 4:3 pan-scan). You then need to create a script that selects the correct subtitle stream to display based on the DVD player’s settings. ” on page 372 for information on using subtitle streams to place buttons over a video track, and see Chapter 10, “Creating Scripts,” on page 395 for information on creating scripts. Using 16:9 Assets in Menus Typically you’ll want to use 16:9 menus with 16:9 tracks.

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